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Infrastructure Projects?

We have a large business network in Australia and throughout South East Asia.
We have over 18 years experience across the region.
Known for early infrastructure project planning and advice with a futuristic vision.
Previous early project consultation includes Modular Mining Design Process Plant, Road Resurfacing, Acquaculture and Agriculture Projects, Security Planning, Banking Licenses, Information Technology, Clean and Green Technology Projects.
Consultation also with tourism in Island Redevelopment, Golf Courses, Safari Camps and Adventure Tour Companies, Luxury Hotels, International Airlines.


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Mining and Plant infrastrucutre projects in South East Asia:

In-house process, project research and development team.
Associations and strategic relationships to contribute to all facets of mining project development and execution.
From process design and project management to equipment supply and commissioning, offering you one source for everything it takes to design, build and operate successful plants.
To replace current unhealthy and unsafe artisanal mining operations with our new concept, higher return, environmentally friendly modular mining solutions.
To provide current dormant mining properties with proven potential as well as current small scale artisanal miners the opportunity and grow a cost-effective modular mining solution.
Ring us and have a chat lets see what we can suggest.


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Plan to establish a new infrastrucutre project in South East Asia or Australia:

We have a network of facilities from Clean Technology to Green Technology across South Africa, Malaysia and China that can assist with a partical or full restructure of your business.
We are known for strategically advisoring initial conception of Technology Projects across Asia.
Need to expand and establish a presence in South East Asia then talk to us.
Can you take on the main multi national competitors. We believe you can with dedication, time and patience. One must look at how multi national competitors use social media and then we will find you the niche.



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We have a number of independant consultants based in Australia and Malaysia.
Joint Venture Project Management Partnerships and Ivestment Opportunites are available with us on select projects.
As Travel and Tourism is seasonal and affected by global natural forces and economic climate factors we generaly have a 3 stage approach to a project.


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Rob Berude
CEO - Executive Consultant - Australian and South East Asia